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Morphological changes and quality of papaya seeds as correlated to their location within the fruit and ripening stages


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The Relevance of CD44 and hyaluronan interaction in osteosarcoma progression and metastasis

Increased Dickkopf-1 expression in breast cancer bone metastases

X-Ray analysis to assess mechanical damage in sweet corn seeds

Trichomycterus igobi, a new catfish species from the rio Iguaçu drainage: the largest head in Trichomycteridae (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae)

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Dual Roles of BMPs in Regulating Adipogenic and Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells

Targeted disruption of the osteoblast/osteocyte factor 45 gene (OF45) results in increased bone formation and bone mass

JNJ-28312141, a novel orally active colony-stimulating factor-1 receptor/FMS-related receptor tyrosine kinase-3 receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor with potential utility in solid tumors, bone metastases, and acute myeloid leukemia

Mechanism of shortened bones in mucopolysaccharidosis VII

Contest behaviour of maize weevil larvae when competing within seeds

Viability of recently harvested and stored Xylopia aromatica (Lam.) Mart. (Annonaceae) seeds

Use of X-ray to evaluate damage caused by weevils in cowpea seeds

Effect of zoledronic acid on the doxycycline-induced decrease in tumour burden in a bone metastasis model of human breast cancer

A Mouse with an N-Ethyl-N-Nitrosourea (ENU) Induced Trp589Arg Galnt3 Mutation Represents a Model for Hyperphosphataemic Familial Tumoural Calcinosis

Angiostatin inhibits bone metastasis formation in nude mice through a direct anti-osteoclastic activity

A Mouse Model for Osseous Heteroplasia

A Self-inactivating γ-Retroviral Vector Reduces Manifestations of Mucopolysaccharidosis I in Mice

Enhancing Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Patients with Bone Metastases

Critical Role of Calbindin-D28k in Calcium Homeostasis Revealed by Mice Lacking Both Vitamin D Receptor and Calbindin-D28k

A rat model of early stage osteonecrosis induced by glucocorticoids

Novel and Selective Small Molecule Stimulators of Osteoprotegerin Expression Inhibit Bone Resorption

The interplay of osteogenesis and hematopoiesis: expression of a constitutively active PTH/PTHrP receptor in osteogenic cells perturbs the establishment of hematopoiesis in bone and of skeletal stem cells in the bone marrow

Sustained blockade of neurotrophin receptors TrkA, TrkB and TrkC reduces non-malignant skeletal pain but not the maintenance of sensory and sympathetic nerve fibers

Identification of the haematopoietic stem cell niche and control of the niche size

Growth Factor Inhibits Ewing's Sarcoma Growth in a Xenograft Mouse Model

A New Species of the Neotropical Catfish Genus Trichomycterus (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) Representing a New Body Shape for the Family

The rat intervertebral disk degeneration pain model: relationships between biological and structural alterations and pain

How Do Bisphosphonates Inhibit Bone Metastasis In Vivo

The Contribution of Habitat Loss to Changes in Body Size, Allometry, and Bilateral Asymmetry in Two Eleutherodactylus Frogs from Puerto Rico

A Runx2 threshold for the cleidocranial dysplasia phenotype

Novel Compound Enables High-Level Adenovirus Transduction in the Absence of an Adenovirus-Specific Receptor

Antitumor Effects of Clinical Dosing Regimens of Bisphosphonates in Experimental Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis

Enamel Defects and Ameloblast-specific Expression inEnam Knock-out/lacZKnock-in Mice*

Targeting Lyn inhibits tumor growth and metastasis in Ewing's sarcoma

Osterix, a Transcription Factor for Osteoblast Differentiation, Mediates Antitumor Activity in Murine Osteosarcoma

Vascular growth and remodeling in compensatory lung growth following right lobectomy

The Activity of Zoledronic Acid on Neuroblastoma Bone Metastasis Involves Inhibition of Osteoclasts and Tumor Cell Survival and Proliferation

Relationship between eggplant seed morphology and germination1

Notch Inhibits Osteoblast Differentiation and Causes Osteopenia


Molecular Genetic and Gene Therapy Studies of the Musculoskeletal System

Osteoprotegerin Diminishes Advanced Bone Cancer Pain

Overcoming Dormancy and Enhancing Germination of Sphaeralcea munroana Seeds

A novel function for p21Cip1 and acetyltransferase p/CAF as critical transcriptional regulators of TGFbmediated breast cancer cell migration and invasion

BU-32: a novel proteasome inhibitor for breast cancer

Photoacoustic tomography of joints aided by an Etanercept-conjugated gold nanoparticle contrast agent—an ex vivo preliminary rat study

Homozygous ablation of fibroblast growth factor-23 results in hyperphosphatemia and impaired skeletogenesis, and reverses hypophosphatemia in Phex-deficient mice

Optical Properties and Application of Metallic Nanoparticles and their Assembled Superstructures

Neural Crest Deletion of Dlx3 Leads to Major Dentin Defects through Downregulation of Dspp

The effect of versican G3 domain on local breast cancer invasiveness and bony metastasis

Cyr61 Expression in Osteosarcoma Indicates Poor Prognosis and Promotes Intratibial Growth and Lung Metastasis in Mice

Host-derived RANKL is responsible for osteolysis in a C4-2 human prostate cancer xenograft model of experimental bone metastases

Distinct roles for intrinsic osteocyte abnormalities and systemic factors in regulation of FGF23 and bone mineralization in Hyp mice

A new species of casque-headed tree frog, genus Aparasphenodon Miranda-Ribeiro (Amphibia: Anura: Hylidae), from the Atlantic Rainforest of southern Bahia, Brazil

A Novel in vivo Role For OPGL in Activation Of Monocyte Effector Function and Inflammatory Response

Hypomaturation Enamel Defects inKlk4Knockout/LacZ Knockin Mice

Sarcoma Derived from Cultured Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Differential Effect of Doxorubicin and Zoledronic Acid on Intraosseous versus Extraosseous Breast Tumor Growth In vivo

Prolonged Antiresorptive Treatment of Lytic Prostate Cancer Xenografts in Mouse Bone Results in Tumor Necrosis

Conditional Deletion of Gremlin Causes a Transient Increase in Bone Formation and Bone Mass*

Pathogenic Role of FGF23 in Hyp Mice

Suppression of the inflammatory response in experimental arthritis is mediated via estrogen receptor α but not estrogen receptor β

BMP-9-induced osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal progenitors requires functional canonical Wnt/-catenin signaling

Integrin αvβ3 expression confers on tumor cells a greater propensity to metastasize to bone

Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7 Is Expressed in Prostate Cancer Metastases and Its Effects on Prostate Tumor Cells Depend on Cell Phenotype and the Tumor Microenvironment1

HES1 (Hairy and Enhancer of Split 1) Is a Determinant of Bone Mass

Runx2 overexpression in bone marrow stromal cells accelerates bone formation in critically-sized femoral defects

Crebbp haploinsufficiency in mice alters the bone marrow microenvironment leading to loss of stem cells and excessive myelopoiesis

Osteoactivin Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone

Hind Limb Malformations in Free-Living Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) From Maine, Minnesota, and Vermont Suggest Multiple Etiologies

Phenotypes in mTERT+/- and mTERT-/- mice are due to short telomeres, not telomere-independent functions of TERT

Growing out of a caste – reproduction and the making of the queen mole-rat

HE3235 Inhibits Growth of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer1

Radiographic analysis of zebrafish skeletal defects

The WWOX Tumor Suppressor Is Essential for Postnatal Survival and Normal Bone Metabolism

Platelet-derived lysophosphatidic acid supports the progression of osteolytic bone metastases in breast cancer

Small Molecule GS-Nitroxide Ameliorates Ionizing Irradiation-Induced Delay in Bone Wound Healing in a Novel Murine Model*

Dual function of ERRαin breast cancer and bone metastasis formation:implication of VEGF and osteoprotegerin

Blockade of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling Leads to Inhibition of Renal Cell Carcinoma Growth in the Bone of Nude Mice

The Osterix Transcription Factor Down-Regulates Interleukin-1 α Expression in Mouse Osteosarcoma Cells

Otitis media in the Tgif knockout mouse implicates TGFb signalling in chronic middle ear inflammatory Disease

A Digenean Metacercaria (Apophallus sp.) and a Myxozoan (Myxobolus sp.) Associated with Vertebral Deformities in Cyprinid Fishes from the Willamette River, Oregon

Taxonomic revision of thorny catfish genus Hassar

Previously undescribed dental arrangement among electric knifefishes, with comments on the axonomic and conservation status of Tembeassu marauna Triques

Detection of internal insects in wheat using a conductive roller mill and estimation of insect fragments in the resulting flourq - Journal of Stored Products Research

A Genetic Screen for Modifiers of the Delta1-Dependent Notch Signaling Function in the Mouse

Activation of the RalGEF/Ral Pathway Promotes Prostate Cancer Metastasis to Bone

Direct and Bystander Killing of Sarcomas by Novel Cytosine Deaminase Fusion Gene

DNA methylation of SPARC and chronic low back pain

Photodynamic therapy of diseased bone

TAK1–TAB2 Signaling Contributes to Bone Destruction by Breast Carcinoma Cells

Platelet-derived lysophosphatidic acid supports the progression of osteolytic bone metastasis in breast cancer.

Alternate protein kinase A activity identifies a unique population of stromal cells in adult bone

Inhibition of osteoclasts prevents cartilage loss and pain in a rat model of degenerative joint disease

NF-kB in breast cancer cells promotes osteolytic bone metastasis by inducing osteoclastogenesis via GM-CSF

Ontogeny of corticotropin-releasing factor effects on locomotion and foraging in the Western spadefoot toad (Spea hammondii)

Improving Bone Formation in a Rat Femur Segmental Defect by Controlling Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Release

Influence of Ribeiroia ondatrae (Trematoda: Digenea) infection on limb development and survival of northern leopard frogs (Rana pipiens): effects of host stage and parasite-exposure level

Novel and Selective Small Molecule Stimulators of Osteoprotegerin Expression Inhibit Bone Resorption

Characterization of an MPS I-H knock-in mouse that carries a nonsense mutation analogous to the human IDUA-W402X mutation

Earlier Debridement and Antibiotic Administration Decrease Infection

Misexpression of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta causes osteopenia

Regulation of osteoblastogenesis and bone mass by Wnt10b

Targeted deletion of tumor suppressor PTEN augments neutrophil function and enhances host defense in neutropenia-associated pneumonia

Biocompatibility and Bone Formation of Flexible, Cotton Wool-like PLGA/Calcium Phosphate Nanocomposites in Sheep

Proteolytic Processing of Dentin Sialophosphoprotein (DSPP) Is Essential to Dentinogenesis

Neurochemical and Cellular Reorganization of the Spinal Cord in a Murine Model of Bone Cancer Pain

A Proteasome Inhibitor, Bortezomib, Inhibits Breast Cancer Growth and Reduces Osteolysis by Downregulating Metastatic Genes

A mouse model for cystinuria type I


Mutation of mouse Mayp/Pstpip2 causes a macrophage autoinflammatory disease

High-throughput behavioral screening method for detecting auditory response defects in zebrafish

Perfluorodecalin And Bone Regeneration

Evaluating desiccation sensitivity of Quercus rubra acorns using X-ray image analysis

Neighbor of Brca1 gene (Nbr1) functions as a negative regulator of postnatal osteoblastic bone formation and p38 MAPK activity

Phenotypic plasticity in female naked mole-rats after removal from reproductive Suppression

Prevention of Cartilage Degeneration and Gait Asymmetry by Lubricin Tribosupplementation in the Rat Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Transection

Ultrastructural Analysis of Vascular Calcifications in Uremia

Extracellular Engagement of α6 Integrin Inhibited Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator–Mediated Cleavage and Delayed Human Prostate Bone Metastasis

A mouse model of early-onset renal failure due to a xanthine dehydrogenase nonsense mutation

Nociceptive tolerance is improved by bradykinin receptor B1 antagonism and joint morphology is protected by both endothelin type A and bradykinin receptor B1 antagonism in a surgical model of osteoarthritis

Detection of Simulated Inflicted Metaphyseal Fractures in a Fetal Pig Model: Image Optimization and Dose Reduction with Computed Radiography

Relationship between germination and bell pepper seed structure assessed by the X-ray test

Impaired neural tube closure, axial skeleton malformations, and tracheal ring disruption in TRAF4-deficient mice

A Novel Role of Periostin in Postnatal Tooth Formation and Mineralization

Assessing Growth and Response to Therapy in Murine Tumor Models

Seed weight of Xylopia aromatica (Annonaceae): quality evaluation from X-ray and seedling emergence

Experimental manipulation of radiographic density in mouse mammary gland


X-ray Radiation Effects on Germination and Growth of Echinacea angustifolia

Multimodal Imaging Analysis of Tumor Progression and Bone Resorption in a Murine Cancer Model

Assessing viability of northern red oak acorns with X-rays

Human Cell Surface Receptors as Molecular Imaging Candidates for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Inkjet-Based Biopatterning of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 to Spatially Control Calvarial Bone Formation

The Interleukin-11 Receptor α as a Candidate Ligand-Directed Target in Osteosarcoma: Consistent Data from Cell Lines, Orthotopic Models, and Human Tumor Samples.

NFATc1 in mice represses osteoprotegerin during osteoclastogenesis and dissociates systemic osteopenia from inflammation in cherubism

Using X-Ray Image Analysis to Assess the Viability of Northern Red Oak Acorns: Implications for Seed Handlers

Impaired posterior frontal sutural fusion in the biglycan/decorin double deficient mice

In situ application of non-thermal plasma: preliminary investigations for colorectal and lung tolerance

Cessation of Reproduction-Related Spine Elongation After Multiple Breeding Cycles in Female Naked Mole-Rats

Accelerated Calvarial Healing in Mice Lacking Toll-Like Receptor 4

The Transforming Growth Factor-β Receptor I Kinase Inhibitor SD-208 Reduces the Development and Progression of Melanoma Bone Metastases.

Thrombin related peptide TP508 promoted fracture repair in a mouse high energy fracture model -Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research


Regulation of Breast Cancer-induced Bone Lesions by -Catenin Protein Signaling

Targeted Antivascular Therapy with the Apolipoprotein(a) Kringle V, rhLK8, Inhibits the Growth and Metastasis of Human Prostate Cancer in an Orthotopic Nude Mouse Model1

Susceptibility of Various Life Stages of Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) to Flameless Catalytic Infrared Radiation

Are We Misinterpreting Seed Predation in Palms?

Optimization of Cucumber Doubled Haploid Line Production Using In Victro Rescue of In Vivo Induced Parthenogenic Embryos.

Systemic blockade of P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptors attenuates bone cancer pain behaviour in rats

Impaired intranuclear trafficking of Runx2 (AML3CBFA1) transcription factors in breast cancer cells inhibits osteolysis in vivo

Dendritic cells loaded with FK506 kill T cells in an antigen-specific manner and prevent autoimmunity in vivo

Characterizing the BMP pathway in a wild type mouse model of distraction osteogenesis

Stable Overexpression of Smad7 in Human Melanoma Cells Impairs Bone Metastasis

Lytic Bone Lesions in Human Neuroblastoma Xenograft Involve Osteoclast Recruitment and Are Inhibited by Bisphosphonate1

Using X-Rays to evaluate fissures in rice seeds dried artificially1

Mechanical regulation of vascular growth and tissue regeneration in vivo



2-Butoxyethanol Female-Rat Model of Hemolysis and Disseminated Thrombosis: X-Ray Characterization of Osteonecrosis and Growth-Plate Suppression

Trends in image quality in high magnification digital specimen cabinet radiography

Dual-Energy Technique at Low Tube Voltages for Small Animal Imaging

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Pelvic-Fin Brooding In a New Species of Riverine Ricefish

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The inadequacy of standard radiographs in detecting flaws in the cement mantle

Non-destructive x-ray testing of medical devices and tissue explants

Optimal bone strength and mineralization requires the type 2 iodothyronine deiodinase in osteoblasts