Faxitron - Forensic Analysis Imaging & Irradiation | Faxitron Bioptics LLC

Faxitron systems are used to image excised bones and organs to determine cause of death and to analyze spatter patterns on clothing to determine firing distance. An image of the area surrounding a bullet hole can provide useful information with respect to the type of bullet and the direction of fire. Our systems are also used to:

  • Inspect packages for explosives and contraband
  • Reveal latent fingerprints on difficult surfaces
  • Find overwritten watermarks and obliterated serial numbers and other markings


Other investigative applications for our systems include the analysis of:

  • Clay and other sediments to determine shear planes and angles
  • Fossilized rock to determine fossil position, distribution and characteristics
  • Encrusted archeological artifacts to aid in the preparation and cleaning of rare and often delicate structures
  • Paintings to reveal previous works and changes that have been painted over

Forensic Portfolio

  • Faxitron - Forensic Analysis - Hand Phantom
  • Faxitron - Forensic Analysis -  Human Skull
  • Faxitron - Forensic Analysis - Euro Currency
  • Faxitron - Forensic Analysis - Archaeological Spearhead
  • Faxitron - Forensic Analysis - Human Tooth
  • Faxitron - Forensic Analysis - Sealed Envelope