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Morphological changes and quality of papaya seeds as correlated to their location within the fruit and ripening stages

The objective of this study was to evaluate the morphological and physiological quality of papaya seeds extracted at different ripeness stages of the fruit and the position inside of the fruit


In this study, the infestation level of insects in acorns of Quercus candicans Née was determined along with its effect on germination

X-Ray analysis to assess mechanical damage in sweet corn seeds

Seeds were submitted to mechanical damage using a BC Impact Simulator in which 965 kPa compressed air launched seeds against a steel plate at a distance of 10 cm

Contest behaviour of maize weevil larvae when competing within seeds

All of the maize seeds containing eggs were observed every other day (and daily upon imminence of larval interaction) using an MX-20 specimen radiography system

Viability of recently harvested and stored Xylopia aromatica (Lam.) Mart. (Annonaceae) seeds

The seeds were distributed among cells in an acrylic plate and X-rayed with a Faxitron X Ray MX – 20 machine using X-ray film

Use of X-ray to evaluate damage caused by weevils in cowpea seeds

The X-ray was obtained by placing the acrylic plate with the seeds directly on an X-ray film measuring 18 x 24 cm, at a distance of 57 cm from the X-ray emission source

Relationship between eggplant seed morphology and germination1

The X-ray test was done with eight replications of 25 seeds, placed on double-faced adhesive tape on a transparent plastic sheet; the seeds were numbered according to their position on the sheet , so they could be identified later

Overcoming Dormancy and Enhancing Germination of Sphaeralcea munroana Seeds

Mechanically scarified seeds exhibited greater (P < 0.0001) mass gain compared with the boiling water scarification at the end of the 24-h observation period

Evaluating desiccation sensitivity of Quercus rubra acorns using X-ray image analysis

Each acorn was labeled and placed cup scar down in a 3 cell × 4 cell indented carton and X-rayed

Relationship between germination and bell pepper seed structure assessed by the X-ray test

This study was performed primarily to establish experimental procedures and verify the effectiveness of the X-ray test to detect damage or abnormalities in bell pepper

Seed weight of Xylopia aromatica (Annonaceae): quality evaluation from X-ray and seedling emergence

Following this, the seeds were distributed into the cells of an acrylic plate and X-rayed with a Faxitron X Ray MX - 20

X-ray Radiation Effects on Germination and Growth of Echinacea angustifolia

On April 2, 2012 I irradiated each envelope individually according to its pre-determined dosage using a Faxitron MX-20 model x-ray machine

Assessing viability of northern red oak acorns with X-rays

For our work with northern red oak acorns we used a Faxitron X-ray machine

Using X-Ray Image Analysis to Assess the Viability of Northern Red Oak Acorns: Implications for Seed Handlers

For northern red oak acorns in a Faxitron X-ray machine (MX-20, Faxitron X-ray Corporation, Wheeling, IL, USA), 190 seconds and 28 kilovolt potential (kVp) were found to yield the best images

Susceptibility of Various Life Stages of Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) to Flameless Catalytic Infrared Radiation

Kernels from each vial were spread into a single layer on a sample holder and subjected to X-rays from a Faxitron X-ray device

Are We Misinterpreting Seed Predation in Palms?

Predation of nonperforated seeds was evaluated using a Faxitron X-ray machine – model MX-20

Optimization of Cucumber Doubled Haploid Line Production Using In Victro Rescue of In Vivo Induced Parthenogenic Embryos.

Seeds were dried for 1 h, at 25˚C, in a flow hood chamber, and inserted in a sterile Omnitray (Nalge Europe Ltd., Hereford, U.K.) with lid. This dish was placed on a black and white Polapan 52 film and introduced in a Faxitron model MX-20 cabinet

Using X-Rays to evaluate fissures in rice seeds dried artificially1

The radiation intensity and exposure time, which permitted the best visualization of the internal fissures of the rice seeds, was 14 kV for 360 seconds, as described by Menezes et al. (2005), using Faxitron MX-20 X-Ray equipment.


The images included in Figure 6, obtained from digital equipment (Faxitron MX-20), permit the detection of differences regarding the area filled by the embryo and show that the X-rays produced by this equipment allowed a more precise evaluation


A Faxitron MX-20 x-ray machine was used to classify the seeds

Seed Production Used to Determine Pollen Limitation in Helianthus Sp.

In this study, we used Helianthus strumosus and Helianthus microcephalus to determine if seed set accurately corresponds with pollen treatments: open pollinated and cross-pollinated flowers would show a higher seed set than self-pollinated and non-pollina