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A worldwide leader in digital radiography, Faxitron® has been pioneering solutions for medical imaging applications in women’s health and life science research for over 50 years.

Our origins stem from the physics pioneer Joseph Edmonds Henderson, who invented the original Faxitron cabinet x-ray system in the late 1960’s. Hewlett-Packard bought the business in 1974, recognizing the innovative potential in the Faxitron product line and adopting its process for use in manufacturing miniaturized silicon chips.

Our history

The 1990’s were hallmark years for the Faxitron brand as it became privately purchased and then incorporated into a company focused on the initial line of Faxitron cabinet x-ray systems. A series of acquisitions soon followed in the next decade into the millennium, which allowed the company to further expand and penetrate NDT, medical breast biopsy, and small animal imaging markets.

A strong partnership with Bioptics in the 2000’s resulted in the development of the first digital specimen radiography system, the MX-20 Digital. Both companies made rapid innovations in the market and grew the specimen radiography industry. A merger was announced in July of 2011, bringing together the spirit of innovation and focus on quality that has defined the Faxitron brand from the beginning. The integrated Faxitron name and brand was launched in 2012.

Today, Faxitron debuts a new, refreshed brand and has adopted “Achieve your vision” as a tagline. With this new identity, we hope to convey our dedication to advancing solutions for breast cancer care and life science research. Our goal is to help healthcare teams, researchers, and patients achieve their vision for their work and their lives.

Our brand story

Vision. The ability to see beyond what is there today, and anticipate what is to come. At Faxitron, our vision has been focused on contributing to the evolution of medicine and life science research since our inception in 1967. As the pioneer in cabinet x-ray imaging technology and the global leader in specimen radiography and irradiation, Faxitron has continued to develop innovative products and solutions that enable physicians and researchers to achieve more for their patients and for the world at large.

By collaborating with clinical and scientific experts from all over the world, we pledge our commitment to precision, efficiency and outcomes. We dedicate ourselves each day to helping our customers fight the war against breast cancer and uncover new truths through life science research initiatives.

At Faxitron, we understand that change requires vision. We take pride in delivering products that enable visions to be realized, lives to be saved and a better tomorrow to be achieved.

Our leadership

Donogh O’Driscoll
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Donogh graduated from the University of Limerick with a BBS, Bachelor of Business Studies with a major in Accounting and Finance.  Following this, Donogh joined KPMG and assisted a wide variety of corporate clients across numerous industries in delivering high-quality audit services focused on accounting policies, internal controls, and financial reporting issues under IFRS and GAAP frameworks.  In addition, he has extensive experience of working in highly regulated environments such as those of Sarbanes & Oxley and FDA regulation.  He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland and joined the management team in 2008.  Donogh is responsible for all financial reporting and operational functions at Faxitron Bioptics, LLC.

Ciaran Purdy
Vice President of Development

Ciaran holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Engineering degrees from the Queen’s University of Belfast. His career as an engineer brought him to various technology and engineering companies around the world, including posts in Singapore and Bahrain. With over 18 years of experience in supply chain management and end-to-end product development, Ciaran has consulted for Faxitron since 2008 and joined the company in 2014 as the Director of Product Development. He currently serves as the Vice President of Development, growing Faxitron’s robust portfolio of innovative products and managing support for existing technologies.

Brad Jackson
Senior Vice President of Global Life Sciences and NDT

Brad brought more than 13 year’s sales and marketing experience in the scientific instruments industry when he joined Faxitron in 2007. His prior experience includes several senior marketing management positions at Varian, Inc. His last role at Varian was Global Field Marketing Manager, in which he directed a geographically diverse team in developing and executing strategic marketing programs for the company’s various business units. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the College of Charleston and earned a Master’s in Analytical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Viktoriya Baytser
Senior Vice President of Business Development

Viktoriya graduated from the University of Texas (cum laude) with a B.B.A. degree in Finance and Accounting. Upon graduation, she joined a prominent Washington, D.C., appellate law firm as its Director of Operations and Comptroller.  During her tenure, she instituted policies and initiatives that helped drive the firm to several consecutive years of record profitability. In 2011, Viktoriya joined Faxitron as its Director of Business Development.  In this role, she’s primarily responsible for driving revenue from service contracts, advising the domestic and international sales teams as well as working on strategic initiatives with the core management team. A native of Ukraine, and fluent in several languages, she currently resides with her family in Washington, D.C.

Steve Sapot
Senior Vice President of Medical Sales

Steve graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in communications. He began his career as a business account executive with Nextel Communications in Los Angeles. Since 2009, Steve has been instrumental in building and leading sales at medical device companies, including ConMed Electrosurgery and Barrx Medical, which then became a Covidien company. Steve joined Faxitron in 2013 as the Southern California Regional Sales Manager and has served as SVP of Medical Sales since 2016, growing the medical business and managing sales growth.

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