Agricultural Imaging

Inspection of seed and plant viability, contamination, and infestation requires ultra high-resolution imaging systems to accurately depict characteristics of growth, development, and damage.
Our imaging systems are used by seed banks, government agriculture and forestry services, botanical gardens, and seed producers. Get to know Faxitron agricultural imaging products and achieve your vision to optimize plant and seed health.

Agricultural imaging applications include inspection for:

  • Viability
  • Contamination
  • Infestation

Faxitron® Pro x-ray cabinet

The Faxitron Pro digital x-ray cabinet was designed to be placed directly on the benchtop in your lab or wherever you need easy access to imaging. Multiple cabinet and detector sizes, coupled with a wide energy range from 20-100kV makes the Faxitron Pro cabinet line ideal for imaging a broad range of both biological and light NDT samples. The less than 15µm focal spot and up to 10X geometric magnification provides for as high as 10µm resolution images.

Faxitron® Pro x-ray cabinet


  • Easy to use with a laser centering guide and window to ensure proper sample positioning and no requirements for extensive training or additional x-ray shielding
  • One button operation with advanced Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) to remove the guesswork from selecting appropriate exposure time and kV settings
  • Single-click calibration with auto object detect that allows for simple, error-free calibration
  • Convenient design featuring an easy to clean, stainless steel inner chamber and an integrated port for introduction of gaseous anesthesia lines or cables
  • High-resolution imaging via a 10X magnification tray which provides as high as 10µm resolution. Images are instantaneously displayed on included 24” high-resolution 3.7MPx monitor
  • Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists who put you and your research first

Hologic | Sciences & NDT

Hologic’s increased portfolio dedicated to sciences and non-destructive testing, allows for scientists and researchers more timely discoveries and effective ways to ensure the integrity of their work in areas of pre-clinical, agriculture, and forensic imaging and non-destructive testing.
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