Biological Irradiation


Biological irradiation is imperative to a vast scope of fundamental and applied research studies. Historically, the use of radioisotope irradiators required transportation of specimens to a core irradiation facility.

Today, Faxitron® brings you the CellRad® and MultiRad series of x-ray irradiators—smaller, safer, simpler and less costly systems that can be placed directly in the research lab, even on the benchtop.

Now, specimens can be irradiated directly in the lab or barrier facility without compromising sterility or security. Irradiators are easy to use, even for those with no prior X-ray training, and do not require costly licensing, security, or source maintenance fees. Get to know Faxitron irradiation products and achieve your vision of timely discoveries and research advancements.

Faxitron pre-clinical irradiation applications include:

  • Small animal irradiation
  • Stem and feeder cell irradiation
  • Oncology research
  • Sterilization studies
  • Small animal myeloablation

Faxitron agricultural irradiation applications include:

  • Strain development
  • Viability and germination
  • Insect sterilization


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