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Breast Lesion Localization


The movement to improve localization of non-palpable breast lesions with innovative technologies has seen steady growth over the years.

In the past, conventional localization methods involved same-day wire placement, which involved guiding and implanting a thin wire in the lesion during preoperative preparations. This approach would cause trauma, pain, and inconvenience to the patient, as well as amplifying scheduling and procedural complexities for healthcare teams. Newer advancements have been driven by the need to improve upon these technical challenges and drawbacks.

At Faxitron®, we’re committed to raising the standard of care for breast lesion localization—to allow for more patient-friendly treatment of breast cancer, and and to increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for providers. Our products have been designed with the latest technologies to enable better coordination of care and quality of patient experience. Get to know Faxitron’s solutions for breast surgery guidance and achieve your vision to establish a higher standard for detection, diagnosis, and patient care.

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