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Breast cancer will affect 1 in every 8 women in their lifetime.

By itself, breast cancer is treatable and curable—it only becomes a lethal killer when cancer metastasizes in the body to other organs and bones. In the past, surgeons believed that an aggressive approach to treatment was imperative for better outcomes, relying on radical mastectomies and lymph node dissection to clear all forms and stages of cancer. Now, treatment paradigms have evolved to prioritize patient care and quality of life. It is this movement that characterizes the development of newer technologies and tools for breast surgery—advancements that allow for more efficiencies in the OR, more collaborative communications between radiologists, surgeons, and pathologists, and ultimately, solutions that help put the patient experience first.

At Faxitron®, we believe in maximizing benefit without compromising safety, precision, or accuracy. Our solutions for breast surgery have been designed to help healthcare teams improve operational efficiency and the standard of patient care. Get to know Faxitron’s innovative technology for breast surgery and achieve your vision for optimal outcomes in breast cancer care.

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Unprecedented resolution for specimen imaging



Instant confirmation of breast biopsies



Versatile high-resolution specimen imaging



Immediate core sample verification



Easy and accurate breast surgery localization



Best-in-class single-use sterile gamma probe



Precise grid for measuring surgical specimens

Faxitron Wedge<sup>®</sup>

Faxitron Wedge®

Accurate views for surgical specimens

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