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Forensic Imaging


Imaging is a critical part of forensic science, especially in determining and confirming key points of evidence in criminal investigations.

Our UltraFocus systems allow for high-resolution images in forensic applications, such as determining cause of death through excised bones and organs, and gun, bullet and firing analysis. Get to know Faxitron® forensic imaging products and achieve your vision for unveiling truths in the past and present.

Our systems are also used to:

  • Inspect packages for explosives and contraband
  • Reveal latent fingerprints on difficult surfaces
  • Find overwritten watermarks and obliterated serial numbers

Other investigative applications include the analysis of:

  • Clay and other sediments to determine shear planes and angles
  • Fossilized rock to determine fossil position, distribution and characteristics
  • Encrusted archeological artifacts to aid in the preparation and cleaning of rare and often delicate structures
  • Paintings to reveal previous works and changes that have been painted over

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