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Gamma Detection


Radioguided surgery was first described in the 1940’s, when surgeons used radiation emitters to detect radioisotopes administered to patients before surgery, with the intention of accurately guiding surgical procedures.

Further refinement of the practice and the development of a gamma detection probe system allowed for increasingly successful localizations and resections of tumors, paving the road for gamma detection to ultimately become a well-established surgical discipline. Today, gamma probes are routinely used intraoperatively for sentinel lymph node mapping with breast cancer and melanoma, parathyroid surgery and radioactive seed localization.

At Faxitron®, we’re dedicated to developing solutions that maximize patient benefit and surgical accuracy, while minimizing invasiveness, infection and resection rates. Our products have been designed to provide real-time information to the surgical team to help intraoperatively guide procedures, enabling accuracy and precision every step of the way. Get to know Faxitron’s solutions for gamma detection and achieve your vision for optimal surgical management and better patient outcomes.

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