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Stereotactic Biopsy


Stereotactic breast biopsies were designed to sample non-palpable breast lesions and, with informative results, determine the need for surgical excision.

In the past, patients would have consented to surgery without full knowledge of whether their breast lesion was malignant or not. Stereotactic biopsies allow for less trauma in an outpatient procedure and a definitive diagnosis that helps guide treatment plans. The importance of this approach has changed the landscape of breast cancer care and continues to evolve with newer tools that are designed for more precision, accuracy, and speed.

At Faxitron®, we believe in putting patients first and prioritizing their comfort, quality of life, and clinical experience. Our imaging solutions at the point-of-care enable healthcare teams to quickly visualize core specimens at high resolutions, reducing procedure times and minimizing the time that patients are in the procedure room. Get to know Faxitron’s suite of products for stereotactic biopsies and achieve your vision for enhanced efficiencies in the clinic and a better standard of patient care.

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Immediate core sample verification



Versatile high-resolution specimen imaging



Instant confirmation of breast biopsies



Easy and accurate breast surgery localization

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