Jun 13, 2018

Carroll Hospital Selects Faxitron’s LOCalizer™ for Use in Breast Lesion Localization Procedures

Carroll Hospital Selects Faxitron’s LOCalizer™ for Use in Breast Lesion Localization Procedures

Innovative, patient-focused technology enabling precision and ease of use revolutionizes breast surgery guidance

Tucson, AZ – June 13, 2018Faxitron, a global leader in best-in-class digital specimen imaging systems for breast cancer intervention and life science research, today announced that Carroll Hospital, a private, nonprofit 193-bed hospital located in Westminster, Maryland, has implemented LOCalizer™*, a wireless radiofrequency identification (RFID) breast lesion localization system. Leveraging the technology for all non-palpable lumpectomy procedures, Carroll Hospital selected LOCalizer to enhance the patient experience and make breast localization procedures easier for surgeons and care teams, ultimately driving better overall care and outcomes.

Standard methods of localization have historically involved wire hooks, and more recently, radioactive seeds, to identify non-palpable breast lesions for removal. While still used in many hospitals, these approaches are encumbered by complex regulations and potential complications, such as unintended wire or seed migration, patient discomfort, logistical and workflow challenges, and added stress for both patients and providers alike.

Since implementing LOCalizer in March 2018, Carroll Hospital has experienced significant positive results leveraging the less-invasive technology in nearly 25 surgeries. Non-radioactive, wireless RFID tags marking the lesion enable the surgeon to pinpoint the location and measure the exact distance to the lesion in millimeters. Additionally, tags can be implanted in patients’ weeks prior to surgery eliminating scheduling and logistical hurdles as well as significantly freeing up staff members for patient care.

“As the first hospital in Maryland to adopt LOCalizer, we’re proud to pioneer this innovative, new technology and take a significant step forward in advancing breast cancer treatment with a patient-focused solution that equally benefits the healthcare team,” said Dr. Dona Hobart, Breast Surgeon and Medical Director of the Center for Breast Health at Carroll Hospital. “With the added precision and depth made possible with LOCalizer, we’re able to measure specimens with more accuracy than ever before, and in turn, tailor surgery appropriately, which is critical in delivering the exceptional level of care that our patients deserve and expect.”

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