CoreVision® by Faxitron® enables confirmation of a successful biopsy procedure with the touch of a button, eliminating delays waiting for verification of core samples. Make your process more efficient with CoreVision, which instantly sends images to multiple destinations without interrupting the mammography workflow.


  • Immediate verification of core samples, saving time and minimizing patient stress
  • Easy to use, with no need for additional training or requirements for x-ray shielding, single button operation and the ability to send multiple annotated images to PACS
  • Compact design and small footprint to minimize intrusion at the point of care
  • Easy alignment and secure transport guaranteed by the use of radiographically optimized core containers
  • Optimal imaging via a 5cm x 10cm (2” x 4”) detector which provides automatic calibration, self-diagnostic capability and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) optimized for detecting micro-calcifications for images displayed on 24” high resolution 3.7 MP monitor
  • Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists that put you and your patients first
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CoreVision® by Faxitron

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