LOCalizerTM from Faxitron® is the revolutionary way to guide breast surgeries easily and accurately.  LOCalizer uses a miniature radiofrequency Tag designed to be implanted into the breast greater than 30 days before surgery. No surgical wires mean less stress for your patients and no more localization scheduling conflicts for you and your team. LOCalizer gives you the precision you need without the drawbacks of other localization techniques.


  • Radioactivity-free simplicity which avoids the complex regulations that come with handling radioactive materials
  • Advanced miniature radiofrequency Tag featuring a unique identification number and encased in a proprietary, anti-migratory sheath, allowing for better identification and preventing migration. The Tag is clearly visible on ultrasound, x-ray and MRI, allowing flexible placement with multiple imaging modalities
  • Mobile handheld reader portability suitable for use in both sterile and non-sterile environments, and can be placed in convenient proximity to the patient
  • No interference with OR equipment in compliance with all wireless, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards and designed to function without interference in the OR
  • Easy-to-read real-time distance gauge displays the real-time distance to the Tag in millimeters and the Tag’s ID number on a bright screen without lag or delay, making it easy to read during the procedure
  • Single-use sterile surgical probe is pencil-sized and can be used in small incisions, guiding the surgeon towards the Tag during the operation
  • Audible tone provides non-visual guidance to the surgeon during the procedure, ensuring feedback on the proximity to the lesion on a constant basis
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LOCalizer by Faxitron

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