PathVision by Faxitron® has been designed with the needs of the pathologist in mind. PathVision enables immediate and routine access to high-resolution imaging, resulting in fewer re-cuts and, ultimately, faster final report generation. With applications ranging from breast specimens, bones, fetuses and remains, PathVision features a best-in-category field of view for imaging in the laboratory.


  • Easy to use, one button operation with no need for additional training or requirements for x-ray shielding, stainless steel inner chamber designed for easy cleaning and sterilization and plugs into any A/C outlet
  • Designed for accuracy due to a magnification shelf with field of view guides and automatic position detection that provides for 10x geometric magnification
  • Optimized imaging with a 23cm x 29cm (9” x 11.5”) specimen imaging area that includes a laser centering guide and transparent window, and Automatic Exposure Control (AED) for images displayed on 24” high resolution 3.7 MP monitor
  • Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists that put you and your patients first
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PathVision by Faxitron

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