The UltraFocus digital x-ray cabinet by Faxitron® was designed to be placed directly on the benchtop in your lab or wherever you need easy access to imaging. Multiple cabinet and detector sizes coupled with a wide energy range from 10-130kV makes the UltraFocus line ideal for imaging a broad range of both biological and light NDT samples. The 8µm focal spot and up to 10X geometric magnification provides for as high as 5 µm resolution images.


  • Easy to use with a laser centering guide and window to ensure proper sample positioning and no requirements for extensive training or additional x-ray shielding
  • One button operation with advanced Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) to remove the guesswork from selecting appropriate exposure time and kV settings
  • Single-click calibration with auto object detect that allows for simple, error-free calibration
  • Convenient design featuring an easy to clean, stainless steel inner chamber and an integrated port for introduction of gaseous anesthesia lines or cables
  • High-resolution imaging via a 10X magnification tray which provides as high as 5 micron resolution. Images are instantaneously displayed on included 24” high-resolution 3.7MPx monitor
  • Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists who put you and your research first
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