Introducing UltraFocusXL by Faxitron—a larger, more versatile, fully shielded digital x-ray cabinet. Featuring an extra large field of view so you can image larger samples without sacrificing resolution.


  • Larger cabinet and detector size lets you image samples currently too big for existing cabinet x-ray systems thanks to an expanded cabinet and larger 17" x 17" (43cm x 43cm) imaging area.
  • Best-in-class resolution with native detector resolution of 100 microns and effective resolution up to 10 microns. Multiple levels of geometric magnification (up to 10X) allow imaging at the highest resolution.
  • More versatile thanks to proprietary Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) which selects optimal x-ray exposure settings to ensure highest image quality for a broad range of biological and light NDT samples. Manual exposure mode also available for multi-layer samples and those containing a variety of components.
  • Ergonomic design means this fully integrated, floor standing system with heavy duty casters fits easily into any lab and plugs into any standard A/C outlet.
  • Easy to use with no extensive training or specialized x-ray knowledge required to operate. Intuitive software designed to meet the imaging needs of research and industrial users.
  • Independently certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (Intertek) to the highest international standards.
  • Remote diagnostics and support available from product specialists ready to help.
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