Sep 21, 2017

The American Academy of Pathologists' Assistants

PathVision by Faxitron is a self-contained X-ray imaging system for surgical pathology specimens. Faxitron systems are used at the top 10 U.S. cancer centers. The system provides a large 23 x 29 cm detectors and is not limited in its utility to breast specimens, as it can also be used to image other specimens including paraffin blocks, bone, and fetal demise.

Special thanks to Jay lnnerhofer and the PAs at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. They have some experience with the product and were willing to answer a few questions about it.

 Features Overview:

  • No specialist training required, super easy to use.
  • Large detector enables imaging of breast tissue slices, intact mastectomies, bones and fetal remains.
  • Transparent window and laser centering guide allows for verification that specimen orientation is maintained during imaging.
  • Stainless steel inner chamber and a slot for the specimen tray which makes the unit easy to clean.
  • Images can be integrated into the pathology file allowing for improved patient care by assisting the pathologists and clinicians with diagnostic and clinical decisions.

Where it Excels:

  • Superb X-ray images with MRI equivalent or better resolution. The unit was tested by our facility physicist using a mammographic accreditation block.
  • Flexible daily calibration schedule after hours; no warm up and the image displays in 1O seconds.
  • Efficiency, with the system nearly feet from you, there is no back­ and-forth trips to radiology or the need for printed radiographs or photocopies.

Concerns to Overcome:

  • The system does require a significant investment, however, there was a reduction in specimen turnaround time and in the number of tissue blocks submitted because lesions were sampled more accurately with image guidance. This produced significant cost savings.
  • The system is heavy; however, a mobile cart is available, which also incorporates a keyboard tray and place to put the monitor which makes it a great unit for small gross rooms.
  • Available mobile cart incorporating a vertical platform holding the keyboard, computer, and monitor, which provides convenience and space as an alternative to the standard bench top installation.

The Final Cut

Our reviewers were very impressed with Faxitron's PathVision during a three-week demo. Because breast imaging is essential for their practice, having the system only a few feet away increased the quality of patient care and expedited the final diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The system was extremely easy to use and with the ability to schedule a daily calibration during off hours, the images would display in 10 seconds; a warm-up calibration was not required before each image.

The images from the PathVision system can be saved in either a TIF or JPEG format and will be automatically uploaded into the case through integration with PACS. Annotating the images, including measuring, is fast and easy and there is the ability to zoom in and adjust the contrast and brightness.

This is an independent review of PathVision by Faxitron. This review is not endorsed or approved by anyone affiliated with Faxitron or its related entities.



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