Oct 30, 2017

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories Love Their PathVision So Much They Gave Him a Name!

After learning about the benefits of PathVision for the pathology department and seeing the system in action during our demo we realized we couldn’t let another day go by without having this system in our pathology lab.  It has drastically reduced the amount of time grossing lumpectomies and mastectomies.  Life before PathVision meant that if we couldn’t find the clip we would have to take the specimen to breast imaging, three buildings away, and hope we could find it after we got the specimen back to the lab.  This often required multiple trips and in some cases the clip still couldn’t be found, resulting in a large number of cassettes that needed to be submitted. Since the number of cassettes submitted has decreased, PathVision has saved PA/resident grossing time, histotech cutting time and pathologist reading time.

Many of our patients have had neoadjuvant chemotherapy and depending on their response, finding the clip might be the only way to identify the tumor location.  PathVision enable us to identify the clips in minutes which helps us facilitate better patient care.  PathVision helps us to identify calcifications in breast cores and to check if decalcified specimens are ready for processing and its also useful for fetal autopsies and bone tumor specimens.

We love our PathVision so much that we gave him a name – Biff!  He is now a member of our lab family.

Becky Stankowski, PA(ASCP)cm

Heather Manternach, PA(ASCP)cm

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories, associated with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin

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